Anthony's Pizzeria
Long Shallow Tray = Seven(7) to Ten(10) Servings
Long Deep Trays = Ten(10) to Fifteen(15) Servings
Penne with vodka sauce- long shallow  $45.00
Penne with vodka sauce- long deep  $80.00
Antipasto with other food Per person $3.00
Antipasto with mushroom salad Per person $2.95
Chef Salad Per person $3.00
Baked Penne- Long Shallow Tray  $36.00
Baked Penne- Long Deep Tray  $59.00
Stuffed Shells (30)- Long Shallow Tray Thirty (30) shells to a tray $45.00
Meat or Cheese Ravioli- Long Shallow Tray  $42.00
Meat or Cheese Ravioli Parm- Long Shallow Tray  $45.00
Shells & Broccoli- Long Shallow Tray  $35.00
Shells & Broccoli- Long Deep Tray  $55.00
Cavatelli & Broccoli  $65.00
Chicken Cacciatore- Long Shallow Tray  $55.00
Chicken Cacciatore- Long Deep Tray  $95.00
Chicken Parm- Long Shallow Tray  $62.50
Chicken Parm- Long Deep Tray  $97.00
Chicken Marsala- Long Shallow Tray  $62.50
Chicken Marsala- Long Deep Tray  $97.00
Chicken Francese- Long Shallow Tray  $62.50
Chicken Francese- Long Deep Tray  $97.00
Eggplant- Long Shallow Tray  $49.50
Eggplant- Long Deep Tray  $83.00
Mussels- Long Shallow Tray  $38.00
Mussels- Long Deep Tray  $70.00
Sausage & Peppers- Long Shallow Tray  $40.00
Sausage & Peppers- Long Deep Tray  $70.00
Honey Dipped Chicken- Long Deep Tray Approx 48 pieces $65.00
Meatballs with Sauce Price per Meatball $1.75
Rolls Per Dozen $4.95
Delivery Minimum Charge $15.00
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